Organ Restoration

Preserving Our History

1856 Knauff Pipe Organ


Renewing today by preserving yesterday.Historic First Bryan Baptist Church is home to the largest of three manual Pre-Civil War tracker organ in America.

The Historic First Bryan Baptist Church
Notable Knauff Pipe Organ

The Andrew Bryan Community Development Center is on a pilgrimage to return a part of Black History and the Cultural Arts to a form that can be enjoyed, celebrated and admired by all.
The congregation of the Historic First Bryan Baptist Church for 20 years has worked to raise funds for the restoration of the organ. To date, sufficient funds have not been secured for the repair and restoration of the historic Knauff organ.

The organ is a rare instrument and one of the last remaining organs of its type in the United States. There are only nine (9) Knauff organs remaining in the United States and the only Knauff in the South.
The organ was built in 1856 and is one of the largest three manual tracker pipe organs of its size in the United States.
The organ is installed in a custom white and gilt case, featuring a very handsome facadeof speaking pipes.
The organ has been recognized as a significant American Historical Organ and artifact.
Early on Sunday morning of August 14th of this year, a deranged vandal illegally entered into the church. This individual broke or damaged five (5) stained glass windows and damaged individual furnishings. The Knauff pipe organ sustained tens of thousands of dollars in destructive damage to the organ pipe work, action and winding system.

The church maintained an insurance policy that will repair and restore the specific damage that occurred due to the vandalism. This repair will not restore the organ to playable condition.
The Andrew Bryan Community Development Center is soliciting funds from foundations and individuals to restore the 160 year old historic organ.

The estimate for the restoration and associated costs of the organ is $1,475,000 to $1,585,000.
We are asking for your help and assistance in obtaining the needed funds to save and restore this piece of American musical history.

Thanking you in advance, we look forward to receiving your donation to this great cause.

Most Cordially,
Georgia W. Benton
Chair of the Board of Directors
Andrew Bryan Community Development Corporation
Co-Chair of the Knauff Pipe Organ Committee
The Historic First Bryan Baptist Church